BKS Electronic mounting AB is a documented competent and competitive
Where quality is a concept and where we deliver products correctly,
right quality in right time.

Our priorities is preventing quailty measures and we always strive at doing right from the beginning.
Despite this , we have quick and secure routines for handling any deviation.

We define customers needs correctly and clear and assesses if the assignment is viable and suitable before we commit to it.

We have delegated quailty responsibility so that respective function is responsible for its part of quailty assurance work.

We educate all of our staff continuously so that each of our coworkers has the right competency.

We work continuingly with our suppliers so that they at all times are updated around our quailty requirements and control that they can uphold these demands.

We also work with continualy improving all of our functions.

BKS operation does have relatively small enviromental load, but nevertheless do we work actively at all time to lessen our enviroment impact.

This is well agreed with our lifestyle where nature and enviroment is important to us both private and as a company.

We work focusedly in tune with econmy and service to always continualy improve.

On among other areas:

Effective solutions on transport side where we optimize these to prevent pollution and as such lower enviroment impact.

Continuously lower the amount of waste from our business.

Housekeeping energy and resources.

We do of course work to always meet the demands and laws that applies within our area.

All employees is held informed and involved in the environment work we conduct.